The Team

70 employees at Barahi Jungle Lodge and all with distinct hobbies, but what grips them together as a 'Team' has been their fervor and belonging towards Barahi Jungle Lodge. We have some forerunners and some unsung heroes who work together to enhance your experience with us. Most of our staff is from nearby local areas and their dedication towards work seamlessly overshadows their not so extensive vocabulary. They invest extra hours to learn and work beyond their call of duty, if need be. We are proud of all our team members and our senior staff who works to enhance their skills at all times.

Some of the key members who would interact with you upon your arrival are:

  • Varun Kumar

    • His excellence as a General manager is a reward for more than 30 years of experience in the Hospitality industry. A compassionate and diligent leader, Varun decided to conjugate his love for nature and passion for Hospitality by rendering his expertise to management of unique properties across the country. He has previously worked with widely-known brands like Leela, The Oberoi Hotel and Intercontinental Hotels. Barahi Jungle Lodge is another feather to his hat!
  • Chandra Mahato

    Chandra is the right hand who has thorough knowledge of Barahi’s anatomy. He has been working with us for more than 20 years now and knows the brand Barahi in and out. His suggestions are valued at all times. Quiet, soft spoken and hardworking, this man can be found anywhere in the lodge except on his own chair!

  • Jeetaram Choudhary (Chief Naturalist)

    His experience is the only measure of his age, that aside Jeet at 53 is times enthusiastic and energetic than young ones when it comes to wildlife. He has served Tiger Tops as a Naturalist for more than 30 years after which he joined us at Barahi. ’Jeet Dai’ as we call him is a dedicated naturalist and keen birder. A charming personality and a man of great temperament, he likes to listen and observe which always plays in his favor when it comes to tracking and sighting wildlife!

  • Subhash Gurung (Senior Naturalist)

    From nine years, Subash has been working as a naturalist. Subash developed interest in Wildlife by following his father's footsteps who worked as a tracker with Tiger Tops. He has worked in various National parks of India and Nepal including Tiger Tops, Kanha and Rajaji National Park. Having spent majority of his life in Chitwan National Park, Subhash at 29 has in depth knowledge about Chitwanand how it has changed over the time. He is inevitably inclined towards birding, but does not like to restrict knowledge by classifying himself as a birder or categorizing birds from the wildlife!

  • Krishna Prasad Poudel(Senior Naturalist)

    Active participation in conservation and social awareness programs Krishna is the man who is  always on toes. Little restless and highly curious this man enjoys to share his experiences with everyone he meets. Krishna has spent over six years with Chitawan now and has ace knowledge about Chitwan’s vast flora.

  • Tej Thanait

    Tej Thanait is our ever jolly assistant food and beverages manager who has an extensive zeal to impress the guests by managing various roles. He is a local Tharu and though F&B is his forte after 15 years of experience at ace hotels of Nepal and jungle lodges around chitwan, Tej is extremely talented at winning hearts through his dedication and cheek by jowl humor.

  • Sukhiram Mahato

    Sukhiram leads our team of extraordinaire kitchen staff. Being a local he ensures the best of taste for authentic Nepalese food and his 23 years of experience in the fraternity endow him the creativity to master the Continental and European cuisines as well. Sukhiram always involves himself in handpicking the vegetables and other condiments that make into his kitchen. He clearly enjoys being a native to a village that has a jungle in its backyard whereas many of his trainees now work in big cities of the world.

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