We strive to offer our guests an unforgettable experience so that they may remember their travel to Nepal and stay at The Barahi Jungle Lodge with much fondness.

Culture Performance 

Every evening a troupe of dancers will entertain you at the pool side with a variety of dances of which the most popular is the stick dance.

The dances are alternated between the culture dance of Tharu and Kumal community each day.


A setting sun and flowing river makes this tour a memorable experience. The view on the north on an exceptionally clear day, of the river, the jungle,low altitude Chure hills, the higher Mahabharat range overshadowed by the snow capped Himalayas , each dominating the other in a single frame ,is a scene unsurpassed anywhere in the world.

Have a drink and hot snacks and watch this wonderful topography in the light of the setting sun.

Riverside Picnic 

A picnic on the bank of the river is another experience worth cherishing. We drive to the spot for an outdoor picnic with hot lunch cooked on the spot.

A canopy with bed is set up for those who would like some rest plus protection from sun.

Bush Dinner

Arranged for couple or family or groups the tables are laid out In a secluded corner of the hotel , with the area lit up by scores of lanterns for a romantic dinner.

The night sound of the jungle and the flickering lantern lights offers an experience which no guests should miss.

Rangashala Dinner

For couples, families and groups this Dinner offers another fine experience worth cherishing.

The area is lit up by candles and a live kitchen and bar set up for this unique dining experience in midst of the Jungle.

Wedding in the Wild

For the couple who is thirsting for a distinctive experience and looking for something different we can arrange a wedding ceremony in our hotel.

The wedding program can be tailor made with the number of receptions to be organized and relevant rituals. 

Pool side Dinner

A dining option at the pool side can be arranged for couples and families.

On the event of a moon lit night, the view of the Rapti River with the jungle offers a night scenery which could be a part of a cherished memory.

Barahi Jungle Lodge